Elastic Radio Trunking (S1)

Private LTE as a service was never as simple and effortless as monogoto's radio trunk. Connect your indoor or outdoor private network an optional local breakout, reduce costs and time.

Plan your private network like a pro with Monogoto’s private network kit.

Monogoto Radio Trunking
Monogoto Privat LTE Radio Trunking
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Scale as you grow

​​Monogoto’s Radio Trunking service is designed to meet your private network needs with true flexibility for indoor and outdoor use-cases in any band. Easy deployment with any small cell on any band including powerful self-service management tools.

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Key benefits

or multiple
radio trunks

4G &  5G

every radio
and every band


with any
SAS vendor

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Spectrum democratization ready-solution

During the private network planning you will need to decide which band will be used to access the network. Whether it’s a licensed, unlicensed, or a shared spectrum such as the CBRS in the USA, the Monogoto’s Radio Trunking service supports them all in any band range Sub-GHz, Sub-6GHz, and mmWave.

Radio Trucking Monogoto
Monogoto Privat LTE Radio Trunking
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Supports any small cell and any CPE

Whether it’s an outdoor, indoor, or a mix of private network radio topology, the Monogoto cellular cloud-based infrastructure is agnostic to all types of radio hardware supporting any eNodeB/gNodeB and CPEs. To learn more about our private network click here.

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Reduce costs with NO-CAPEX

Monogoto’s Elastic Radio Trunking is an agnostic as-a-service solution within a pay as you grow model. Our cloud-native service together with the developer APIs provides our customers with better interoperability and scalability which reduces even further the capital and operational costs of private cellular networks. 

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