Streamline asset monitoring and tracking

Whether you are operating truck fleets in remote locations or tracking containers across continents, Monogoto’s flexible, scalable, always-on, and resilient global connectivity solution offers continuous and secure connection.

Key Features

Unified tracking solution

SIM integration during manufacturing for a unified tracking solution with global connectivity.

Connectivity Resilience

Cloud-based cellular connectivity in 180 countries and on 550+ networks including remote SIM profile swap capabilities.

Full Control & Visibility​

Self-service connectivity management platform for data traffic control, network visibility, alerts, policies enforcement, roaming and more.


To protect your assets, whether they are in a busy metropolis or near a remote island in the middle of the ocean, your asset tracking solution needs to be always on, incredibly resilient, and truly global. As you scale, it must scale with you. It must allow you to configure lifecycle profiles, enforce policy rules as your assets move, and keep costs in check with dynamic roaming management.


Monogoto is a global connectivity solution that provides always-on connectivity. Monogoto provides LTE-M connectivity where available to reduce battery life. It comes with superior security capabilities to protect your data. And its self-service management platform offers full visibility and control asset connectivity to locate and replace lost, missing or end-of-life physical assets – all with incredibly attractive data rates.