Assets Tracking

Streamline your assets tracking & monitoring
for maximum optimization and minimum costs.

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The Challenges

Asset tracking uses electronic trackers to monitor physical assets on a global basis. To protect your valuable assets, wherever they are in the world, your asset tracking solution needs to be flexible, scalable, always-on, resilient and global. Whatever you are tracking—from vehicles to containers to pets—you need to be able to configure lifecycle profiles, enforce policy rules as your cargo moves and keep costs in check with dynamic roaming management.

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The Solution

By using the Monogoto IoT Connectivity solution for asset tracking, you get:

Monogoto Sim Card -iot connectivity management platform

Setup Your Global IoT Connectivity Today.

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Key Features

Embedded SIM eUICC​

Enables SIM integration during the manufacturing process for a unified tracking solution with global connectivity. Automates the MFF2 SIM lifecycle with limited data for QA testing and automatic global bootstrap when the tracker goes into action.

Connectivity Resiliency​

Cloud-based cellular connectivity in 180 countries and on 550+ networks including remote SIM profile swap capabilities guarantees that your device is always connected.

Full Control & Visibility​

Self-service connectivity management platform for data traffic control, network visibility with automated event-based alerts, advanced security policies enforcement, global roaming control and additional features that will ease your workload and get the job done.