SIMplified US Pricing

Monogoto offers connectivity in the US with Tier1 US operators all connected through Monogoto’s  local cloud.

Competitive pricing

Pay once and forget, pay 0 when there is no activity.

Enhanced US coverage

US cellular, AT&T + world-wide operators


Fall back to Monogoto global IOT network of 500 global partners

Pay only for what you use

Our flexible and scalable pricing means that with Monogoto, you have a solution that’s a perfect fit for your business, at a price you can afford.

SIM Price

One simple price for all your SIM needs. Fit all SIM types - eSIM, MFF2, and regular SIM.


per SIM card


All incoming SMS for free. Outgoing SMS according to your needs.


per SMS


One connectivity managemant platform with advanced APIs for full control and self service.


per month per SIM


You only pay for what you use. Varies by carrier and country.


per MB

One Plan, Full Coverage

With Monogoto’s global cloud solution, get instantaneously connected to AT&T and US Cellular. We also support T-Mobile with our regular pricing plans.