Secure transactions, happy customers

Losing revenue due to point of sale connectivity failure frustrates customers and restricts businesses. Connectivity underpins our new world of retail. Enter Monogoto.

Key Features

Multi Networks

Cellular connectivity in 180 countries via 550+ networks. Includes remote SIM profile swap capabilities for maximum connectivity even in low coverage locations.

Process Automation

Ease your workflows and get true automation with your existing business platforms and processes with 400+ RESTful APIs.

Full Control & Visibility‚Äč

Self-service connectivity management platform for data traffic control, network visibility, alerts, policies enforcement, roaming and more.


In the modern era of smart retail, businesses require a strong wireless connectivity solution to facilitate seamless real-time money transactions. Traditional stationary point of sale systems can no longer meet all retail payment demands, and relying solely on WiFi connectivity can be both unreliable and less secure. Experiencing a point of sale failure can lead to dissatisfied customers and potential income loss if customers lack cash or alternative payment methods.


Experience the power of global always-on connectivity with attractive data rates with the Monogoto IoT Connectivity solution for PoS systems. Our multi-IMSI solution offers the flexibility to switch to an alternative cellular operator. It safeguards your data with superior security capabilities. It gives you full control with a self-service management platform with over 400 APIs, empowering you to automate business processes effortlessly. Powered by our global cellular cloud, this is the future of connectivity.