Secure IoT SIM Card

Simple. Flexible. Secure.

Advanced SIM technologies with global footprint, designed for IoT.

Full Management & Visibility

2G, 3G, 4G, LTE CAT-M1

Global Network Resiliency

Embedded Secure Element

Signalling and IP Firewalls

Multi Form Factors

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Embedded SIM Security

IoT devices are an attractive target for hackers who use them as entry points to the larger network. monogoto’s IoT SIM card enables high degree of security to protect the device/network from “man-in-the-middle” cyber attacks which jeopardize your business.

monogoto’s IoT SIM card which acts as hardware security module, has an embedded SIM application which cannot access the internet but is able to communicate only with a secure gateway inside the mobile core, guarantees secure communications from the edge to the core.

Create your own set of policy rules for a single or a group of IoT SIM cards, based on IP and signaling traffic with our network-based signaling, SMS and DATA firewalls, MITM prevention and anomaly detection.

Fits Any Device

Our SIM cards fits any IoT, M2M and smartphone devices. In order to insure maximum compatibility monogoto provide multiple form-factor choices for any project.

UICC – Standard or High-grade plastic SIM card in 3-1 (triple) form factors. 2FF/Mini, 3FF/Micro and 4FF/Nano sizes.
eUICC – Embedded SIM card in a SIM on chip soldered into the device during manufacturing process.
iUICC – Integrated SIM within the CPU. All SIM functionalities are implemented in a trusted environment within the System-on-Chip.

Global Network Resiliency

IoT/M2M SIM card with global coverage in more than 170 countries and 550 mobile network you get immediate connectivity and maximum network resiliency.

Be your own roaming manager and enable your devices to selected networks via our self-service platform.

With our remote management and cost-reduction approach, customers who wish to modify the SIM profile/provider don’t need to replace the physical SIM in all of their IoT devices, They can simply change it remotely.

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Multiple Technologies

monogoto’s secure IoT SIM card can connect to legacy 2G/3G networks, 4G LTE networks and low-powered LTE CAT-M1 which become very popular within the IoT space.

monogoto’s secure IoT SIM support low-powered technologies such as Power Saving Mode (PSM) and Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) to provide minimized battery consumption and reduce costs.

The multi IMSI feature provides true peace of mind, now you can simply replace the IoT SIM profile via remote command over the air instead of physical SIM swap.

Supported eSIM devices can upload monogoto’s SIM profile with a simple QR code scan.

Simple Remote Management

Manage the complete SIM lifecycle remotely via monogoto’s self-service console which designed to ease your connectivity workload without the need for special telecom expertises.

Setup SIM groups according to your project needs and assign roaming and security policies to harden your network.

Get real-time visibility on each and every connected SIM. Set real-time alerts based on SIM or network behaviour and create automatic actions according to your business needs.

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