Private LTE

Simple. Flexible. Secure.

Secure private network supports mission critical and business applications for IoT and mobile devices.

Ideal for Mission Critical Applications

Forget costly LAN networks deployments or the lack of business support capabilities of WAN networks. With monogoto’s private LTE solution your can run a cost-effective network while gaining full operational and business control.

Deploy your private LTE solution and connect critical devices and applications, while enjoying best wireless performance, low-latency and QoS assurance.

With limited amount of small cell (eNodeB) installations, you can runs thousands of secure simultaneous connections. monogoto’s private LTE solution fits licensed, unlicensed, and shared spectrum frequencies.

To learn more about private network spectrum frequencies click HERE.

Take Charge of Your Network

Control your LTE network the same way as you control your WiFi network using monogoto’s self-service management tools. Apply specific policies for different scenarios, secure your devices, control network bandwidth, and setup the LTE network according to your existing network topology.

Look no further than monogoto’s private LTE solution to address the missing puzzle pieces that IT/OT departments are in need of.

Ease your day-to-day work using our user-friendly self-service environment without the need for special telecom expertise.

Full Visibility and Built-In Security

Get full network visibility and real-time anomaly detection on any network event as if you are the mobile operator itself. Create your own set of network slicing policies for multiple SIM groups based on IP and signaling traffic.

monogoto’s platform improves any cellular modem’s security capabilities. Simply insert monogoto’s resilient SIM card into each end device on monogoto’s network, and then assign a specific security profile and package (Voice, SMS, Data allowance).

Protect your network from cyber attacks such MITM and DDOS. Create automated alerts to harden your network security.

Any Cellular Spectrum 5G Ready

With monogoto’s private LTE as-a-service solution, organizations can run their private LTE network on licensed spectrums such as 3G and 4G LTE including unlicensed or shared spectrums such as 3.5 GHz CBRS.

monogoto is the most ideal solution for organizations that wish to enjoy the benefits of a wide-area network with superior business and operational support. Our solution provides enhanced flexibility, heightened security, and true network slicing with SLA and QoS, Paving the road to 5G connectivity.

To learn more about private network spectrum frequencies click HERE.

Let’s Plan Your Private LTE Network

Use Cases

Private LTE uses dedicated equipment and is independent of traffic fluctuation. By focusing on specific IoT applications and services, Private LTE network is the ultimate solution for organizations who needs an independent enterprise-grade wireless network with all the benefits that LTE can offer, such as: data privacy, enhanced security, network flexibility, low latency, quality of service, network resiliency, and cost effective solution. The new era of private LTE opens up multiple opportunities for multiple applications with a different class of service. Global enterprise organizations, utilities and mining industries, airports, ports, sport facilities, campuses and more are already adopting this amazing technology, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Main Building Blocks

Secure Cellular Core

Dedicated EPC elements (cloud, local or mix) with self-service console and full API access. Data and/or signaling remains locally or goes to the cloud.


eNodeB software defined radio which supports multiple simultaneous LTE connections. Can be installed in rural locations or high density areas.

SIM Card

Variety of SIM card selection, fits any IoT device. Regular (UICC), Embedded (eUICC) and Integrated (iUICC) SIM card form factors.

SIM Lifecycle Management

Network Management

Dashboard and Reports

Global Roaming Control

Business Operation

+300 API’s and Web-Hooks

Personal Security

Signalling and IP Firewalls

Alerts based on Network Events

SIM Lifecycle Management

Roaming control

Anomaly Detection

Tailor Made Offerings

And much more…

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