Secure Cellular

Global. Programmable. As a Service.

Worldwide IoT and M2M connectivity, allowing full visibility, event management and control from the network to the edge devices, with security in first priority.

Secure SIM IoT. M2M. Consumer.

Secure SIM
IoT. M2M. Consumer.

The monogoto secure SIM card, designed and built to handle the challenges of the “Everything Connected” era.

Global Reach

SIM Technologies

Advanced STK

Multi Networks


Multi Form Factors


As a multiple cellular profiles container the monogoto Secured IoT SIM has global redundant footprint in 170 countries and 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE CAT-M1 connectivity in over than 550 cellular networks.

Form Factor

2FF, 3FF, 4FF and embedded SIM form factors guarantees its compatibility to any IoT or Smartphone device.

Other Features

Use Cases

From streetlights to vehicle telematics, electric scooters and more. As a global IoT connectivity provider, monogoto connects diversified IoT projects from prototyping to production stages. Regardless of the project size, each customer gets the same set of cutting-edge capabilities. monogoto solutions provides true freedom for IoT companies who are looking for resilient and secured cellular connectivity, full network control and visibility, rapid time-to-market and cost effective solution which is designed to scale.

Secure Cellular Core as a Service

The monogoto secure core’s services are exposed through the self-service Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) or via fully programmable APIs.

Cellular core as a Service allows for device management, control and visibility over IP and telephony network traffic, signaling and flows, roaming control, process automation, billing and reports.

The powerful security toolbox provides our customers with capabilities to secure their cellular network and devices independently within the infrastructure level, e.g. creating VPNs, IP and telephony firewalls and much more with a single click of a button. Allows for easy integration with the customer’s applications and services (e.g. Backend, CRM, ERP and more).

The monogoto CMP provides easy and user-friendly experience, without the need for advanced telecom or cellular engineering skills.

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Roaming control

API Driven

Network Management

Full Scalability

Personal Security

Self Service

Business Operation

SIM Management

Full Scalability

24/7 Customer Support

SIM Management

24/7 Customer Support

Private LTE as a Service

monogoto‘s Private LTE enables organizations to create their own cellular network, used for their relevant applications, independent of the public cellular networks. This solution fits any kind of organization, from SMBs to enterprise with mission-critical use cases, e.g. airports, stadiums, oil and gas fields, amusement parks, ports, mines, warehouses, factories, agriculture, smart cities, public safety and more.

Our unique multi-tenant solution for Private LTE network includes a Secure SIM card, an eNodeB and a connection to the monogoto’s Secure Cellular Core in the cloud, which is offered as-a-service. monogoto’s Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) enables full network configuration and subscription, advanced security features for the network and the devices and complete roaming control between the public and the local networks. The solution is designed with flexible deployment options for remote and standalone sites.

User Profiles Segmentation

Self-Service Management Portal

Public/Local Network Switch

CBRS Compliant

Multiple Local Networks

Physical/Virtual NICs Setup

Multiple Local Networks

Physical/Virtual NICs Setup

IoT Prototyping

monogoto‘s IoT prototype package helps developers and startups to quickly validates their use cases. Our comprehensive prototyping kit for the Internet of things includes an IoT platform with web front-end to easily managed and control the devices, mobile applications with real – time event notifications, zero code service creation for rapid flow formation and global IoT cellular connectivity.

Cellular Connectivity

2G, 3G, 4G, LTE CAT-M1, NB-IoT and CBRS

IoT Platform

Manage all of your devices via a user friendly IoT platform and get real time events.

Mobile Apps

Always stay connected to your project with our white-label iOS and Android mobile apps.

Zero Code Service Creation

Create service flows and actionable events without any code or development.

Any Events Protocol

Integrated with any messaging protocol such as MQTT, CoAP and more.

monogoto Iot connectivity

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About Us

monogoto is a cellular provider, implementing global cellular connectivity alongside secure Private LTE networks. We offer our services and solutions for the IoT industry and high-profile organizations in more than 170 countries, enabling roaming capabilities worldwide, supporting 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE CAT-M1, NB-IoT,  CBRS and eSIM technologies.
monogoto is led by a team of experienced telecom, cellular and security experts, veterans of elite IDF technological units.

Connecting IoT devices across the globe

Business Models

Monogoto’s Programmable Cellular platform enables companies to easily build IoT solutions and create new revenue streams. It’s a one stop shop for global IoT services, providing cellular connectivity, control & management, network-based security and lifetime remote SIM management. With the rise of IoT and new mobile services, there is large and ever-increasing demand for an API-based, mobile core. monogoto lowers the barrier to entry and time-to-market for IoT solution providers by taking on the heavy lifting, and delivering a powerful platform above which integrators and partners are free to innovate. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in building mobile networks, OTT Web services and API based platforms.

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