Manage your fleet of vehicles with ease using our IoT Fleet Management Platform. Whether you are a major company with a huge fleet scattered across the globe, or you are a small operation with a fleet that reflects that, Monogoto offers the perfect solution for you. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), managing a fleet has never been easier.

IoT fleet management: IoT Connectivity
IoT technology allows you to track your fleet with ease 
IoT in fleet management is changing the world and Monogoto is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this. Third-party platform players and end customers alike stand to benefit from our IoT Fleet Management technology

Monogoto offers affordable and easy-to-use solutions in managing your fleet!

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Global Monitoring

Monitor your fleet across the globe. Track your fleet in over 180 countries

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Enjoy added security with visibility features -locate your vehicles in real-time

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Start small and grow

Flexible, pay-as-you-go plans allow you to change as your business grows

The Challenge

Complexity and Challenges that are inherent to Fleet Management

Fleet owners must navigate several vehicles on different routes, sometimes in completely different countries. Spanning several countries is often a good thing for companies, but it does add complications.

Another challenge faced by fleet owners is affordability. Many fleet management avenues are pricy, consuming power and data at exorbitant rates. Monogoto’s pricing plan is affordable, scalable and accommodates your needs.

IoT Connectivity for Fleet Management
IoT Connectivity for Fleet Management

The Solution

Manage your entire fleet from one platform

Monogot’s innovative IoT solutions allow you to manage your fleet with a single SIM card and access a cloud with an easy-to-use interface. 

Monogoto’s visibility features address the security challenges. From one easy-to-use device, you can see exactly where your vehicles are and who accessed them. On the drivers’ side, they also stand to benefit from IoT fleet management: let your fleet members know if the roads ahead are dangerous due to weather or road conditions.