Smart Metering

Efficient data reading with superior security, creates new business opportunities and reduce ROI.



The Challenges

Smart meters are part of the Advanced Measuring Infrastructure (AMI) which serves power utilities networks and is a key instrument in any Smart Grid deployment. It is designed as a two way communication in order to connect  with the central system, sending measurements on preconfigured time intervals, receiving information and as a result increasing the network efficiency. 

Managing the connectivity for smart meters is a challenging task, as the deployment of such a network comes with a large number of devices which means that changing the configuration or replacing the connectivity provider (SIM card) can become quite a costly operation. Additionally companies need to have the ability to enforce connectivity and security policies from time to time, keeping a high degree of security level protecting their data. As AMI is promoted by regulation as 202020 in the EU, It is becoming one of the main avenues for the lower area of the Grid, especially the distribution segment, where the majority of the losses are occuring. As such – securing the billing, the efficiency and reducing carbon emission through this – is  very much connected  with the AMI install base. Thus, securing connectivity, and having it always on, becomes crucial to any utility, smart city project.


The Solution

Using the monogoto IoT Connectivity solution for your Smart Meters network is the ultimate choice as you get a global always-on connectivity with attractive data rates, LTE-M connectivity (where available) reducing battery life, superior security capabilities – reducing unnecessary HW, and a self-service management platform having full visibility and control on your network.


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Key Features

Connectivity Resiliency

Cellular connectivity in more than 170 countries and 550 networks including remote SIM profile swap capabilities to guarantee that your device is always connected.

Edge Device Security

Control your smart device in/out data traffic with monogoto's network-firewall. Secure your traffic to your server with IPsecVPN. Eliminate man-in-the-middle attacks with advanced device authentication toward the network using cryptographic signature.

Full Control & Visibility

Self-service connectivity management platform for data traffic control, network visibility with automated event-based alerts, advanced security policies enforcement, global roaming control and additional goodies that will ease your work and get the job done.

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