IoT Connectivity

Simple. Global. Secure.

Global cellular connectivity for IoT and M2M devices with full control and best-in-class security.

Easy, Cost-effective Set up

Connect your devices anywhere with Monogoto IoT SIM cards and gain access to our global cellular network. Manage and control your IoT network with a superior set of features without the need for cellular expertise. Monogoto IoT SIM cards are designed with developers in mind because our mission is to simplify your IoT connectivity and day-to-day work.

The days of multiple SIM vendors in multiple countries are gone. Instead, Monogoto provides a single SIM that gives you access to our secure cloud-based cellular network with global reach and no service provider lock-in.        

Single IoT SIM with Global Reach

With Monogoto’s plug and play IoT SIM cards you’ll be up and running fast with immediate global connectivity and maximum network resiliency in 180 countries on 550+ mobile networks.

You can connect with a variety of cellular technologies, from legacy 2G and 3G networks to 4G LTE networks. 

Advanced power saving technologies such as Extended Discontinuous Reception (eDRX) and Power Saving Mode (PSM) are integrated and controlled via the Monogoto APIs to minimize battery consumption and reduce costs.

Be your own roaming manager and enable your devices on selected networks using Monogoto’s easy-to-use self-service platform.

Full Visibility with Built-in Security

Get full network visibility and real-time anomaly detection on any network event. It’s as if you are the mobile operator yourself.

Create your own set of policy rules related to IP or signaling traffic for a single or group of SIMs by using our network-based signaling, SMS, DATA firewall, MITM prevention, and anomaly detection tools.

Automate alerts to harden your network security.   

Unified Technology, Unified Fit

Monogoto’s “as-a-service” connectivity technologies fit any project size with a wide selection of features and capabilities.

Monogoto’s solution is a perfect fit for:

  • Large enterprises with multi-zone, secure, and controllable connections 
  • Service integrators who are looking for reliable and flexible technology 
  • Resellers that manage multiple accounts and are looking for ways to monetize their value 
  • IoT startups who need to start small with the ability to scale fast as they grow 
  • Developers who are looking for specific APIs, extra debug and visibility tools as they prototype their next IoT product.

Setup Your Global IoT Connectivity Today.

IoT Connectivity - Main Building Blocks

IoT SIM Cards

We offer a range of SIM cards to fit any IoT device. Regular (UICC), Embedded (eUICC) and Integrated (iUICC) SIM card form factors.

Connectivity Management Platform

A superior self-service connectivity platform to ease your daily management, control, and security tasks.

Secure Mobile Core

Offload your network security needs to the Monogoto network and protect your devices from external threats and vulnerabilities.

Tailor-made offerings

SIM lifecycle management

Network management

Anomaly detection

Alerts Based on network events

Dashboard and reports

Personal security

Roaming control

Business operation

Signalling and IP firewalls

SIM lifecycle management

Network management

Dashboard and reports

Global roaming control

Business operation

Personal security

Signalling and IP firewalls

Alerts Based on network events

Anomaly detection

API’s and web-hooks

Tailor made offering

And more…

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Use Cases

From smart streetlights to vehicle telematics, electric scooters and more.

Whatever the size and whatever the stage of your IoT project, Monogoto’s global IoT cellular cloud services provide resilient and secure cellular connectivity, full network control and visibility, rapid time-to-market and cost-effective solutions which are designed to scale.

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