Super Slice

Enable public and private seemless connectvitiy for your project with global connectivity alongside private LTE/5G networks.

Unlock the power of private 5G/ LTE  with low latency, high throughput, zero cost for data usage. Be ready for edge compute. coupled   with the ability to get global coverage from traditional operators on the same sim cards and from the same network. 

Monogoto IoT innovation
Monogoto IoT connectivity
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A new era of connectivity begins

5G and private cellular networks are going to present new connectivity solutions for multiple industries, supporting advanced  applications, advanced quality of service,  advanced SLA for connectivity. Advanced use cases will need more capabilities and not  only form private networks therefore Monogoto’s unique solution enable leveraging  both public and private LTE/5G with  a single SIM while keeping the EDGE and low latency capabilities of a private network.

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Key benefits

The first ever private-public hybrid mode

communication offering

Fast deployment, low learning is needed, immediate proof of value  

0 upfront cost, Start small with a single site and grow to multiple locations. 

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5G and Edge compute ready

As cloud computing continues to evolve private networks are the perfect last mile for such solutions, Monogoto Super Slice can allow a seamless transition to Edge when a device gets near a private network the last mile for example when a car will arrive to the auto repair shop the car will connect to the manufacture private network and when we leave the car will switch back to the available public network. This all can be utilized by the Monogoto Super Slice solution.  

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