Connectivity for Healthcare

Remote patient monitoring and telehealth are now at the forefront of medical service delivery. Monogoto’s seamless, frictionless connectivity offers more secure healthcare devices, wearables and telehealth services.

Increased Security

Secure connectivity for sending data to and from medical devices without relying on unsecured WiFi.

Remove Friction

Embed connectivity in your device from the start. Remove friction from new connections or when private networks fail.

Global Connectivity

Secure connectivity anywhere, anytime. Devices can be used in over 180 countries via more than 550 networks.


The need for remote patient monitoring and telehealth to limit travel and in-person appointments is advancing rapidly. Inconsistent connectivity makes effective use of remote medical devices and telehealth difficult and less safe. Effectively embedding secure, frictionless connectivity by integrating it into the medical devices themselves removes this barrier.


Cellular connectivity offers the best option for removing the friction inherent in relying on WiFi and Bluetooth solutions for service providers offering remote patient monitoring devices and telehealth services. Monogoto embeds connectivity into medical device providers’ products, enhancing their offering to include reliable, global, frictionless, secure connectivity. They can then work anywhere, indoors and outdoors and in remote areas. End-users no longer need to consider or accommodate connectivity requirements.