Monogoto Edge

Upgrade your private LTE/5G network performance and localize your data processing with Monogoto Edge.

Reduce network latency, improve data security, and reduce bandwidth requirements.

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Supports 4G & 5G networks

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Public cloud coverage extention

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API based, Self-service developer portal with live view

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Supports multiple 4G and 5G radio trunks

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Local breakout for data - cloud managment

Get a Monogoto Secure IoT SIM Card now.

Get a Monogoto Secure IoT SIM Card now(Contact us)

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Lower your private network latency

Decrease the private LTE/5G network latency and enhance the its overall performances by minimizing the duration required for data to travel between the devices and the radios (eNodeB, gNodeB).

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Enhanced Your Cyber Posture / Compliance

With the Monogoto Edge you allows data to be processed locally rather than being sent to the cloud, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

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The Developer Way Toward Private 5G

With our API-based, self-service management portal, developers can easily set up and manage a private network’s edge and get all the benefits of a private 5G network in a fraction of the time and cost using the Monogoto Edge.

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