IoT Connectivity for Micromobility

The Micromobility revolution is changing the way we commute in our cities.

No more traffic jams and long waits for public transport. Many see Micromobility vehicles as an answer to the longstanding first and last-mile transportation problem. Micromobility is the solution for efficient and environmentally-friendly inner city.

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Monogoto offers affordable and easy to use solutions for managing your micromobility fleet

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Track your Micromobility devices in over 180 countries

 Maximum Security

Anti-fraud algorithm integration



Consumption-based prices and an easy payment

Start Small & Grow 

Scale as you grow with Monogoto’s pay-as-you-go pricing model

The Challenge

Cluttering, vandalism, fraud, safety issues, diminishing vehicle life span, are all part of the challenges Micromobiltiy operators face daily. 
That is why Micromobilitiy operators must choose their connectivity partner wisely and ensure their service is fit for industry-specific challenges. Considering the competitive Micromobiltiy landscape, connectivity loss is too heavy of a price to pay.
Micromobilitiy operators must proactively tackle the challenges posed by regulators and smart city planners in order to establish their brand as a relevant and attractive mode of transportation for city residents. All while successfully scaling business and generating steady revenue.
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The Solution

Monogoto’s IoT Platform is the best full service solution for managing your micromobility fleet with ease
Monogoto’s IoT Platform is the best full service solution for managing your micromobility fleet with ease. Our system will make sure you never lose sight of your fleet. Whether you own electric scooters, bikes or segways, Monogoto’s platform allows you to maximize the possibilities of IoT in your micromobility service. 
With Monogoto’s innovative IoT solutions, your fleet can be easily managed by accessing a cloud platform with a simple user interface. 
Monogoto’s technology enables you to track your devices (via IoT SIM Cards), block the use of the vehicles (when necessary) and provide maximum security by ensuring your fleet is monitored 24/7.
Now you can finally ensure reliable service for all of your company’s fleets with secure connectivity coverage
in over 180 countries via more than 550 networks across the globe.
Monogoto’s roaming agreements enables any vehicle to switch operators automatically,
providing full connectivity at all times.
Monogoto’s pricing model ensures you only pay for the service based on SIM usage. 

Looking to scale your micromobility connectivity?