Vehicle Telematics

Real-time insights into your fleet operation.

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The Challenges

Fleet managers must find a balance between driving operations for maximum efficiency, reducing costs, and adhering to safety regulations. This task is enabled by a wealth of available data. Monitoring vehicle information such as tire pressure, vehicle battery and engine health are important for predictive maintenance practices. Data such as real-time weather forecasts or route changes can dramatically save fuel. Monitoring driver performance can guarantee all drivers meet the company driving code. To ensure this data is accurate, and on time, you need always-on connectivity with multinational coverage and in-country networks resiliency. Further additional capabilities such as enforcing policy rules as your vehicles drive and a dynamic roaming management for cost optimization are essential. This makes selecting your IoT Connectivity a critical decision.

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The Solution

Access to the Monogoto cellular cloud means fleet managers and telematics providers can manage, control and secure their vehicles globally. This ensures a wide variety of advanced capabilities, such as: seamless global connectivity, increased fleet security, remote access for diagnostics, reduced operating costs, new business operation models and more.

Monogoto Sim Card -iot connectivity management platform

Setup Your Global IoT Connectivity Today.

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Key Features

Seamless Handover

The Monogoto IoT SIM will automatically switch cellular networks as your fleet crosses country borders, guaranteeing always-on connectivity for maximum results.

Connectivity Resiliency

Cellular connectivity in 180 countries via 550+ networks with remote SIM profile swap capabilities guarantee that your device is always connected.


Full Control & Visibility​

Self-service connectivity management platform for data traffic control, network visibility with automated event-based alerts, advanced security policies enforcement, global roaming control are some of the features that ease your workload and get the job done.