The Complete Prototyping Kit for your IoT & Private LTE

goRAN - the first ever low-power cellular evaluation and range extension kit which provides the ability to simulate your IoT devices connectivity and/or private network connectivity workflows.

Build your private network with Ubiik’s goRAN kit and Monogoto’s cloud.

Simulate multiple cellular connectivity use cases, combining both private and public networks.

Self-service self-configure Monogoto's console with Ubiik's radio

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360° view of your devices

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Plug & play

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Easy to use

With Ubiik's & Monogoto's goRAN Kit -
You can roam from private to public

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Ubiik's goRAN Kit

Multi band SDR radio

Monogoto's SIM

Physical or eSIM

Monogoto's cloud

Cloud subscription for 10 SIMs with up to 10MB per month. Connectivity via the public network



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