Private LTE Kit as a Connectivity Extension for IoT Devices

The first ever low-power cellular connectivity extension kit which transforms dead zones into connected areas, enabling developers to run or test IoT and private network connectivity workflows.

This powerful combination of Ubiik’s freeRAN kit and Monogoto’s cloud extends or simulates multiple cellular connectivity use cases, combining both private and public networks.

Self-service self-configure Monogoto's console with Ubiik's radio

High-level solution

360° view of your devices

Plug & play

Easy to use

IoT devices transition between
private and public networks

Get Your Connectivity Extension Kit Today

Ubiik's freeRAN Kit

Multiband SDR radio

Monogoto's SIM

Ten physical or eSIMs

Monogoto's cloud

Cloud subscription for 10 SIMs



Per Month