JpU And Monogoto Announce Strategic Partnership!

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Monogoto, which earlier this month announced an $11 million investment round led by Team8, with participation from Telefonica Tech Ventures and Singtel Innov8, as well as Alter Venture Partners, Triventures, and Planven Entrepreneur Ventures, chose JpU’s HyperCore to be part of their IaaS cloud offering.

Nordic and Sodaq Successfully Pilot a Covid-19

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AMSTERDAM, November 26, 2020 | PRNewswire | IoT development company SODAQ completed 50 successful runs tracking the location and temperature threshold of vaccine shipment containers from va-Q-tec by using the Nordic Semiconductor NRF91 communication module.

Teltonika Networks & Monogoto Announce Strategic Partnership

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The global network connectivity equipment manufacturer Teltonika Networks, and the innovative IoT connectivity provider Monogoto, have partnered together adding to Teltonika Networks a secure cellular connectivity solution offering which completes their wide product portfolio for Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Green Energy.

Cloud Of Things And Monogoto Announce Partnership!


Companies bundle super secure global SIM network services with leading ready to run IoT orchestration, automation, monitoring, management, and maintenance with cybersecurity built in to enable indoor and outdoor connected systems on a unified operating platform

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