Do I Need Connectivity APIs?

When I started working for tech companies in the late ’90s, things were very hands-on, it was a different age.

How IoT is Saving Rhinos?


The world wide web is saving rhinos and elephants, not through some online survey or a fundraiser, but through SODAQ trackers and Monogoto IoT connectivity

Building Large Scale IoT Deployments: How Monogoto and DeviceTone Deliver Flexible and Secure Solutions Over Cellular Networks


Cloud of Things was established based on the principle of providing customers with a Ready to Run IoT solution enabling them to connect, process data, and control any variety of IoT sensors more easily than ever. We make it simple to make products smart, and we make it possible for product manufacturers to extend their offerings with Connected Field Service applications.

When Two Platforms Are Better Than One, Everybody Wins

There has never been an industry that thrives more on partner ecosystem dynamics than the Internet of Things. Because we are connecting the physical and digital worlds, making hardware, firmware, software, networks, and applications perform in a harmonious way from the edge to the cloud and back again is mission critical.

Private LTE vs. WiFi

WiFi vs Cellular

Working from home:
A lot has been said about increased productivity and family time as positively impacted during the COVID-19 quarantine. I am discovering that it’s also good for writing and for analyzing the many conversations that my partner Itamar and myself had regarding cellular, WiFi, and the future of connectivity.

OTT Connectivity, Private LTE and 5G Networks

OTT connectivity

My generation grew up in the early days of the internet and global connectivity. The only truly global network was the phone network. Any content or other service was provided by a local operator.

This Is The Way To Be Remarkable

Traditional mobile network operators are not remarkable. Far from it. Apparently, MNOs still have a “one product fits all” approach, which makes no sense when you look at where the future of cellular communication is heading.