IoT Everywhere: How Satellite-Cellular Integration Enables Universal Connectivity

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For some IoT products, connectivity failure is a momentary inconvenience. For others, it’s a disaster. Imagine losing temperature data for a shipment of vaccines at a critical moment; there goes your cold chain compliance. Or think of a smart car’s accident detection and alert system. If the driver encounters a problem outside your cellular coverage […]

The Connectivity Evolution that Goes by Unnoticed

The Connectivity Evolution that Goes by Unnoticed

The Story of Software-Defined Connectivity In the modern digital landscape, connectivity has evolved into a commodity that’s perceived as water from the tap. It is expected to be ubiquitous, affordable, and always available. The collective trust in connectivity accelerates digital transformation – enabling new types of use cases that improve our well-being, increase efficiencies, and […]

3 Key Elements of IoT Network Security

First, the bad news: Most IoT networks aren’t as secure as they should be. The good news is that you can secure your IoT system without incurring costs that ruin your business case. In fact, it’s easy—provided you work with a connectivity partner that offers the right security features. In this article, we’ll review the […]

Is Your IoT Product Ready for the SGP .32 eSIM Specification?

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Technology has a tendency to move from hardware to software, as physical components give way to virtual features. That trend certainly holds in IoT connectivity. For example, see the growth of eSIM, a market that’s expected to nearly quadruple in size, reaching over $16 billion, by 2027.  This embedded subscriber identity module (hence “eSIM”) replaces […]

The Rise of Connected Devices: Redefining the Internet of Things (IoT)

The world of technology is in a constant state of flux, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is no exception. Today, “IoT” no longer refers to simple machines “just talking” to each other as it once was. Rather, modern IoT devices, or “Connected Devices,” are much smarter. They are now mostly Linux-based devices, such as […]

LoRaWAN® and Low-power Cellular Connectivity – Can They Co-exist?

LoRaWAN® and cellular connectivity have largely been pitted against each other with developers having to decide between one or the other when designing new IoT use cases. Monogoto’s ethos is all about facilitating developer creativity and innovation, which has driven our new partnership with RAKwireless to offer a solution that incorporates both. We believe developers […]

VPNs Add the S to IoT

VPNs are, in many ways, adding the ‘S’ for Security to IoT As we navigate our way into an increasingly digital realm, the Internet of Things continues to revolutionize how we monitor our environments, control our surroundings and increase efficiency in everyday life. As our reliance on IoT grows, so does our need for secure […]

Low Power IoT Connectivity: Cellular Vs. LoRaWAN

The Internet of Things isn’t just one technology. It includes several different solutions and parts involving many fields, from network to end user hardware and design to data science. Each of these technologies had to evolve to make your mission-critical IoT system possible—and technologies evolve in response to challenges.  In the early days of IoT, […]

Link.ONE — Connect to the IoT Network of Your Choice

Link.ONE — Connect to the IoT Network of Your Choice

Could you have an IoT device continuously connected without having to do it yourself? The launch of Link.One, an all-in-one device that combines LoRaWAN and automatic cellular connectivity showed us that continuous connectivity is not only possible but also of great added value. Today, connecting devices require a choice between the long-range-low-power capabilities of LoRaWAN […]

An Epic Quest to Validate Continuous Global Connectivity

An Epic Quest to Validate Continuous Global Connectivity

In today’s world, continuous connectivity sounds like an everyday given. But delivering it is far from simple. Uninterrupted consistent network coverage has historically been, and still is, hard to achieve. Cellular and wireless networks come with particular limitations, offering fragmented connectivity and use across devices. Power efficiency makes this challenge even more difficult as devices […]

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