Teltonika Networks & Monogoto Announce Strategic Partnership

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The global network connectivity equipment manufacturer Teltonika Networks, and the innovative IoT connectivity provider Monogoto, have partnered together adding to Teltonika Networks a secure cellular connectivity solution offering which completes their wide product portfolio for Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Green Energy.

After two months of successful trial held with different edge devices, Monogoto is now an approved IoT Connectivity provider. Now, Teltonika Network’s global sales teams are able to offer their customers the Monogoto’s Secure IoT Connectivity solution which comes with security features available out-of-the-box within the Monogoto cellular core for true data protection. The Monogoto solution is being managed and controlled via a user friendly platform packed with advanced features and capabilities for maximum flexibility. Customers who wish to embed connectivity functionality within their existing environments can use the Monogoto APIs for multiple scenarios such as, simple SIM activation command or more advanced remote SIM command, configuring the SIM eDRX cycles.


“We are excited to be part of Teltonika’s ecosystem”, said Erez Koren, VP Sales of Monogoto. “The Monogoto solution which is available in more than 180 countries (+550 networks) will definitely ease the future connectivity requirements of our joint customers, which will be able to enjoy an always-on, highly secure and super flexible connectivity solution”  


“We are delighted to add Monogoto as a new partner for this Secure IoT Connectivity solution,” said Julius Švagždys, spokesman for Teltonika Networks. “Their capacity to offer SIM cards that are working globally along with the secure and user-friendly platform, combined with reliable cellular Teltonika Networks networking devices, enables us to offer a solution that is easy to manage and extremely flexible, as there is no need to tie up to one connectivity provider.”


Among the multiple devices which have been used for the trial, you can find Teltonika Networks best sellers, the RUT240 and RUTX11.

RUT240 is an all-time bestseller industrial 4G LTE Wi-Fi router for professional M2M & IoT applications. It delivers high performance for mission-critical cellular communication in rigorous environments and is widely used for 4G backup, Remote Connection, Advanced VPN, and tunneling services in IoT networking solutions.


RUTX11 is one of the most powerful devices in Teltonika Networks portfolio equipped with Dual-SIM and auto Failover, Backup WAN, and other SW features. A wide range of internal hardware interfaces allows using this product in power-hungry industrial applications, where speed and robustness are at the heart of the solution.


4G LTE Cat 6 DL up to 300 Mbps in sync with 4 x 1 Gbit Ethernet ports ensures a seamless data transfer experience. It also has Bluetooth LE sensors for direct connection to the router, thus minimizing the overall solution ecosystem.


About Monogoto

Monogoto is an over the top cloud-based cellular network. Its API-driven Infrastructure as a Service designed from ground up with simplicity in mind to enable cellular connectivity with existing enterprise IT infrastructure.

With over 400 ready-to-use APIs, Monogoto offers cellular connectivity with edge to the cloud security for IoT, Private LTE and 5G use cases. No need for special expertise, our services include full audit for all network events with anomaly detection and alerts automation. Our enterprise-friendly solution enables customers to consume advanced cellular VAS with zero CAPEX and “as a Service” business model.

The Monogoto network is distributed globally with public connectivity in 180 countries. Helping companies to comply with regulation, the Monogoto solution supports on-premise local breakout topology for private networks.


About Teltonika Networks

Teltonika Networks, a part of the Teltonika IoT Group, is a rapidly growing technology company, manufacturing professional network connectivity equipment for international markets. Through long-term experience and research and development of industrial network devices for IoT and M2M communication, they have developed a portfolio of products for the most complex areas of Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Green Energy.

Teltonika Networks controls every stage of the product development cycle, which enables them to respond quickly and flexibly to market needs and changes while ensuring reliability, security, and ease of use.

Teltonika Networks develop all products in their local R&D department in Kaunas, Lithuania. Their experienced team is capable of offering new solutions quickly as well as improving existing devices with new features.

All of their electronics are manufactured and assembled in a modern factory in Lithuania. This local approach allows them to ensure the highest quality standard for all products.

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