JpU And Monogoto Announce Strategic Partnership!

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Monogoto, which earlier this month announced an $11 million investment round led by Team8, with participation from Telefonica Tech Ventures and Singtel Innov8, as well as Alter Venture Partners, Triventures, and Planven Entrepreneur Ventures, chose JpU's HyperCore to be part of their IaaS cloud offering.
“Together, we are simplifying how enterprises connect and protect IoT and Industrial IoT-based systems, working directly with their developers to design, build, manage, control, and scale their edge applications quickly and securely,” said Maor Efrati, Monogoto co-founder, and CTO. Enterprises are connecting and controlling cellular-based sensors and devices in smart cities, smart homes, and smart manufacturing plants, along with ATMs, lighting and environmental control systems, supply chains, electric vehicles, wearables, and more and can now instantly build a scalable and affordable virtual network leveraging hundreds of APIs which address procurement, cybersecurity, and IT monitoring, management, and resilience. JpU HyperCore is a cloud-native, virtualized, standard-compliant cellular core network and security platform uniquely designed to serve enterprises. Monogoto chose JpU’s innovative HyperCore solution to implement an Industry 4.0 private 5G network which enables an end-to-end Enterprise LTE/5G network that can scale to connect multiple locations & devices. The solution works globally, making it easy for similar companies to adopt digital monitoring, management, and maintenance, which can lead to lower operational costs and better business outcomes. “Monogoto is a leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service as we are confident that working together we will be able to service and lead the ever-growing enterprise cellular networking demands,” said Jonathan Schwartz, CEO, JpU. “They were the obvious choice for exciting projects we have underway and continue to be a valuable partner as both companies expand globally, including projects underway in the U.S. market. We are working on solutions across many industries, especially those industries which stand to benefit tremendously from the growth of edge computing, QoS requirements, and mobile backhaul as 5G heats up, as more free spectrum becomes available. There is no longer a reason to settle for inflexible fixed networks, limited, less secured, and costly WiFi and WiMAX, and expensive traditional mobile carrier services, all of which have held back the real growth of enterprises’ digital transformation. Together, we are the enterprise solution that seamlessly orchestrates QoS, fast, and resilient data communications at the edge and in the cloud in a way that IT and OT teams understand. This will serve the performance needs and save enterprises millions of dollars and unlock growth for systems integrators, ISVs, OEMs, data centers, edge data centers, and other participants in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem.” Monogoto’s funding will be used to expand their presence in the U.S. with a San Francisco-based office, grow its product sales and bolster brand awareness and market penetration. It will also be used to enrich B2D assets with more APIs, documentation, and developer tools; extend its global points of presence (POP), and expedite and strengthen the network’s 5G infrastructure. “The cloud revolution and communications (voice calls/ SMS) revolution demonstrated that infrastructure accessible via APIs can be extensively leveraged to innovate products, optimize solutions and offer new business models. A similar revolution is happening in connectivity,” said Itamar Kunik, Monogoto co-founder and CEO. As the first-ever, cloud-native single cloud for public and private cellular networks, Monogoto is uniquely positioned to help enterprises and developers create, monitor, manage and maintain connected systems for transformative 5G and CBRS applications while enabling modern architectures such as Zero Trust and SASE for cellular IoT and connectivity. JpU is privately funded and operated by industry veterans in the telecom and enterprise solutions industries. JpU is an End-To-End innovative Enterprise LTE/5G SaaS solution provider to leading SI, OEMs, Carriers, and enterprises worldwide. The companies will be located in the Israel Pavilion, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Israel Export Institute (IE32).   About JpU JpU provides enterprise LTE/5G solutions. Established in 2016, the company is based in Israel, with R&D centers in Israel and India and business offices in the U.S. With deep knowledge of telecom and enterprise solutions and experience in building networks & business applications for dozens of enterprises and mobile operators, JpU has a growing partner ecosystem with leading system integrators, service providers and equipment manufacturers focused on delivering end-to-end, wireless communications solutions to enterprises. JpU’s IT-friendly solutions feature guaranteed latency and quality of experience, optimizing public and private clouds to deliver fully secure and economically efficient services designed to support enterprise digital transformation.   About Monogoto Monogoto is a cloud-based cellular network. Its API-driven Infrastructure-as-a-Service was designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind to enable cellular connectivity with existing enterprise IT infrastructure. With hundreds of ready-to-use APIs, Monogoto offers cellular connectivity with edge to the cloud security for IoT, Private LTE, and 5G use cases. Its services include full audit for all network events with anomaly detection and alerts automation. Monogoto’s enterprise-friendly solution enables customers to consume advanced cellular VAS with zero CAPEX and an “as-a-Service” business model. The Monogoto network is distributed globally with public connectivity in 180 countries. Helping companies to comply with regulation, the Monogoto solution supports on-premise local breakout topology for private LTE/5G networks.   Media and Analyst Contacts: For JpU Cynthia Artin, Artin Arts For Monogoto Asaf Sela
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