SAM & Monogoto Are Working Together. What This Means For You

secured virtual 5g connectivity platform
Notable transitions between technology trends, innovation, and generations all have an impact on digital security.

There are already several articles that discuss the particular challenges that the 5G transition brings to the digital world. Topics covered often include:

  • Rapid growth in the number of IoT devices connected
  • How to deliver security while maintaining reduced latency (5G boasts 1ms instead versus 200ms in 4G networks)
  • New attack vectors, especially in the form of supply chain attacks that software solutions bring with them


Our partners at SAM, are working to ensure their security can effectively come alongside the 5G transformation, making it possible for users to benefit from 5G without compromising both speed AND security.

(See their recent white paper that discusses mobile edge computing to secure the 5G world)

As part of this initiative, SAM has partnered with Monogoto — a cellular Infrastructure-as-a-Service that provides  global IoT connectivity and private LTE/5G networks — to deliver a secured virtualized 5G mobile connectivity platform. This combined solution offers mobile carriers, enterprises and mission critical businesses a unified answer to all the security concerns and opportunities the 5G transition has raised.

The secured 5G platform will be implemented as part of the following solutions:

  1. Private LTE/5G Network  — end-to end solution for organizations who need an independent enterprise-grade wireless network
  2. Global IoT Connectivity – based on Monogoto IoT SIM cards, organizations can receive immediate connectivity and maximum network resiliency in 180 countries and more than 550 mobile networks

Both solutions will come with SAM’s AI multi-layer risk mitigation and threat prevention built-in to protect against emerging attack vectors, creating a new standard in the industry.

The coverage includes:

  • network visibility
  • adaptive firewall
  • IoT security
  • virtual hot patching
  • data protection
  • anti-malware
  • anti-phishing


The new platform is designed to meet all the requirements that have arisen with the 5G transition. It integrates mobile-edge-computing with cloud-native architecture to protect the user plane function as well as the infrastructure itself without impacting the customer privacy or negatively affecting the user experience.

Unlike other mobile network-based security solutions, it is delivered as an over-the-top (OTT) service, enabling businesses to subscribe directly without specific hardware requirements or integration with the mobile carrier.

Also, in case you missed it, both SAM and Monogoto have recently announced their next major funding rounds. SAM raised $20M in series B funding led by @BlackBerry and @Verizon Ventures with plans to expand their security reach, bringing enterprise-grade intelligence-based security to 5G-connected devices.  Monogoto raised $11M in seed funding led by @Team8 with plans to expand their presence in the U.S. with a San Francisco-based office, grow its product sales and bolster brand awareness and market penetration.

For more information, send us a message or visit our websites, and 


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