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Lowering Barriers to Make IoT Possible

lowering barriers to make iot possible
What we’ve learnt with other disruptive technologies is that the quicker barriers to entry are dropped, the quicker the new market grows.

We created Monogoto because we saw that for successful innovation in the IoT world, we needed to remove the difficulty, complexity, and expense of connecting devices. Now we’re going to expand this further by offering even more APIs and better documentation and developer tools, all while strengthening our 5G infrastructure.


The development of cloud computing brought previously unimagined flexibility to firms needing server capacity, driving innovations like Netflix and Dropbox. For IoT connectivity and private LTE/5G networks, access to a flexible, convenient, and global cellular infrastructure cloud is the building block on which all other innovations will be developed. And 5G will be the game changer.


For developers with brilliant ideas for new connected devices, it’s simply not practical if they first have to create the hardware, develop the software, and then figure out how to connect it all, while worrying about security and how to make sure their devices are regularly updated.


Time is the most expensive asset we have. To develop something new, to scale a product, to ensure security is in place simply can’t take too much time or you lose momentum. The developers at a fridge manufacturer who want to create smart fridges that communicate with the consumer about their contents, and with the manufacturer for servicing and faults, can’t do this quickly alone. They could try embedding their own tools, relying on WiFi connectivity but that’s not reliable and still requires specialist skills. They need cellular solutions that work across all their markets, all with different regulatory, pricing, and hardware requirements. To deal with it themselves means technical, logistical, and procurement challenges that are simply outside of the scope of their business. And these challenges take time.


The task is, as ever, passed to the developers. Today, developers are the decision-makers in organizations. They decide what tools to use or add to their products, hence the realisation that Developer Experience (DX) is the way to go. Developers don’t want to reinvent the wheel – they want to invent new ways of using the wheel to improve their businesses and the lives of their customers. So when they’re looking at smart devices, they want connectivity that is fast, super easy to use, implements the most up-to-date security protocols, and can be incorporated seamlessly into their products wherever they are.


At Monogoto we get that. We’re a team of developers ourselves. We are 100% supportive of the idea that there are many problems to solve and the heavy lifting of connectivity, security, and scalability can be solved with no-code/low-code APIs. Our entire platform has been created on the basis that we want to improve the DX and now we have the partners and funds to take this further than ever before. We want to keep talking to developers in every market we can, design and build new APIs to meet their needs as soon as they think of them. We want to facilitate developers talking to each other too so that we can adapt to the market as a whole.


No one knows what the killer application on 5G is going to be, except that it will be amazing. But I am pretty sure that it will be platforms like Monogoto that will facilitate this innovation.

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