Aniv And Monogoto: The Booth You Should Visit In Ces 2022

monogoto sim card in aniv scooters
An important chapter of every success story is fruitful collaboration and teamwork. ANIV and Monogoto are proud to call each other partner companies.

Monogoto provides a cloud-based cellular network for IoT, Private LTE, and 5G use cases. The platform guarantees the security of the user’s data and is extremely user-friendly. The company works internationally and has partners in 180 countries around the world.

ANIV and Monogoto have successfully collaborated on a worldwide scale time and time again. Monogoto provides ANIV with SIM cards that enable the vehicles to connect to the server and exchange data. As a result of this partnership, many cities in the US as well as in other countries, like Egypt, the UAE, Armenia, Russia, and many more, have been able to integrate micro-mobility devices into their infrastructure. This, in turn, has turned cities greener and has made the lives of residents and visitors easier.  

From January 5-8, 2022 ANIV and Monogoto will participate in CES, an annual trade show organized by Consumer Technology Association. In a joint booth, representatives from both ANIV and Monogoto will walk visitors through the micro-mobility business and ways how our companies contribute to the growth of this booming industry.

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