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When Two Platforms Are Better Than One, Everybody Wins!

monogoto + cloudofthings
There has never been an industry that thrives more on partner ecosystem dynamics than the Internet of Things. Because we are connecting the physical and digital worlds, making hardware, firmware, software, networks, and applications perform in a harmonious way from the edge to the cloud and back again is mission critical.

While there are companies, often Managed Service Providers, Systems Integrators, and large consulting firms, who offer full-stack, end-to-end solutions, those companies rely on experts across the IoT ecosystem to contribute their technologies to comprehensive offerings.

What do the smart product manufacturers need and want to successfully roll out recurring revenue services along with the products themselves?

They want simplicity, speed-to-market, reduced technology risk, predictable costs, assured gross margins, flexibility with open systems and little or no vendor lock in, and perhaps more than anything – providers they can trust to power their solutions.

What do the companies offering Connected Field Service solutions, combining sensors with monitoring, maintenance and management remote access applications, so they can improve how quickly they can predict issues that could lead to downtime, respond to “trouble tickets,” and can dispatch technicians who can work virtually with product experts to rapidly fix what may be broken.

When the Monogoto team met Cloud of Things, investigated their DeviceTone IoT suite, and came up the curve on their recently rolled out Connected Field Service solution available on the Azure cloud, we instantly saw the opportunity to help take their company global by integrating with the Monogoto worldwide cellular connectivity network.

The two CTOs, Eliav Gnessin from Cloud of Things, and Maro Efrati from Monogoto, had an immediate “mind meld” and given the open architecture of their IoT platform and our global network, and the work both companies have been doing in “embedding” connectivity with SIMs, it became immediately clear that this was a perfect match.

We are MORE competitive together, as our solutions are 100% complementary, and by bringing a combined service to smart product and Connected Field Service companies, including a complete stack of cybersecurity features, we realized we are addressing the most common and pressing needs of the markets we are now serving together.

Cloud of Things DeviceTone® IoT Suite, which includes its patented CloudSwitch™ technology, has been integrated with our global cellular connectivity platform using the Monogoto IoT SIM, making it simple to spin up and scale connected systems, including automatically and securely registering end-points to the network, whether those end-points are fixed or mobile, on land or at sea, are indoors or outdoors, and include single or multiple sensors. You can learn more by reading the full Press Release issued today and can continue to follow our progress by following both companies.

We are on the move together and will be sharing news about specific combined offerings over the next few months.

While both companies are based in Tel Aviv and are blessed with technology industry experts and soldiers who continue to support the IDF, our collective vision is global.

Today, being able to boost opportunities for Cloud of Things by providing them an instant global cellular footprint that is as easy to spin up as is their DeviceTone platform, is a source of pride for our team. We could not be more excited about the journey we are on and look forward to sharing more with you as we grow.


“For the first time, any company who wishes to develop and distribute smart products on a local or global basis can take full advantage of a real-time operating system using a single network with security embedded merged with a single platform based on Microsoft Azure’s worldwide infrastructure that can connect to any cloud,” said Avner Ziv, CEO, Cloud of Things. “After years of assisting product manufacturers, utility companies, and others in standing up proven IoT offerings, and following on our announcement with Microsoft last month, we selected Monogoto as our exclusive global cellular connectivity provider given their reach, their innovation, cybersecurity approach, and their software-defined network architecture.”

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