Link.ONE — Connect to the IoT Network of Your Choice

Link.ONE — Connect to the IoT Network of Your Choice

Could you have an IoT device continuously connected without having to do it yourself?

The launch of Link.One, an all-in-one device that combines LoRaWAN and automatic cellular connectivity showed us that continuous connectivity is not only possible but also of great added value.

Today, connecting devices require a choice between the long-range-low-power capabilities of LoRaWAN and the ubiquitous, high-speed connectivity of cellular IoT.

LoRaWAN has many advantages that other wireless connectivity doesn’t offer. It can be optimized to operate with low power consumption. It can use batteries for years. It offers long-range and deep penetration indoors, to name a few.

But LoRaWAN doesn’t meet all requirements. First of all, it is not high-speed. And second, it doesn’t solve continuous connectivity.


A few challenges away from fully connected

The demand for continuous, fast, never-uninterrupted connectivity is growing. There are so many industries and use cases that would benefit from a pioneering technology that combines LoRaWAN and automatic built-in cellular connectivity.

  • Transportation and logistics businesses that need to track and manage a fleet of vehicles that is in constant motion,
  • Smart agriculture companies that need to monitor and optimize their crops and soil conditions which may not always have access to wireless
  • Energy companies that need to manage energy grids and assets
  • Even healthcare providers need to monitor patients remotely and collect health data on an ongoing basis.


In all these cases, the stakes are high and the cost of losing connectivity is significant – at times even potentially dangerous for the people involved or the integrity of the product offered.


Introducing Connectivit(ies) Converged into One

With Link.ONE, you can switch between the LoRaWAN and the cloud-based cellular connectivity – bi-directionally, seamlessly, and automatically. With worldwide coverage (including land, sea, and air, hazardous routes, remote locations, etc.) and easy-to-use features that make it accessible to everyone, Link.ONE makes it much easier to manage and deploy IoT solutions.


Link.ONE — Connect to the IoT Network of Your Choice


How it works

First things first – built-in cellular connectivity

Link.ONE — Connect to the IoT Network of Your Choice

Using a Monogoto SIM card automatically means a 500Mb data package good for 10 years. Plus, with a Monogoto SIM card, your device(s) achieve:

  • uninterrupted connectivity virtually anywhere including global roaming (whenever you have coverage for CAT M1 and CAT BN2)
  • built-in security, ensuring that your devices can always stay connected and that your data is always safe.


Then, add advanced wireless capabilities

Three powerful technologies work together to provide reliable and efficient communication.


1. The ability to take advantage of widespread coverage of cellular networks worldwide and enjoy reliable data transfer rates.
It’s powered by the RAK5860 Cellular NB-IoT and LTE-M module that support CAT M1 and CAT NB2 cellular IoT wireless protocols, enabling you to Support LoRa/LoRaWAN and Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) communication.

LoRaWan enables a long-range, low-power wireless communication protocol that enables IoT devices to connect to the Internet without the need for cellular networks or Wi-Fi (think private networks or remote locations). BLE enables short-range communication between devices nearby.


2. The ability to have control and visibility over your operations via GPS tracking.

Link.ONE — Connect to the IoT Network of Your Choice

This allows you to track the location of your assets and vehicles in real-time. It is ideal for asset tracking, fleet management, and other applications where location data is critical.


3. The ability to have extreme modularity and expandability.

Link.ONE — Connect to the IoT Network of Your Choice

Based on the WisBlock Modular eco-system, Link.One is flexible and expandable. You can easily add sensors and/or other peripherals to your devices by simply plugging them in.


With support for cellular, GPS, LoRa/LoRaWAN, and BLE communication as well as expandable modular design, Link.ONE is ideal for countless IoT applications. Powered by Monogoto’s built-in cellular connectivity, which offers a wide range of industries a game-changing opportunity to build, manage and operate connected devices, Link.ONE promises continuously secure and available connectivity.

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